Vincennes castle
A journey through time

A majestic monument to discover

The Château de Vincennes, located a stone's throw from the Hôtel Donjon Vincennes, is a historic pearl that transports you to the heart of the rich history of France. Don't miss this unmissable visit which will take you into the past of our region.


A leap into the 14th century An architectural gem

This castle, dating from the 14th century, stands with elegance and majesty. Its tall towers and imposing enclosure recall its essential role in the defense of the capital. You can discover its dungeon, one of the largest in Europe, with its rooms decorated with magnificent stained glass windows and historical frescoes. The medieval architecture of the castle is a fascinating testimony to the history of French royalty.

Learn more A place steeped in history

The Château de Vincennes has witnessed many major historical events, from the captivity of Louis IX to the ordinance which proclaimed the end of the wars of religion. Visitors can explore the rooms where kings resided, where crucial decisions were made, and where iconic figures in French history lived.

A rich visit An enriching cultural experience

In addition to its architectural heritage, the Château de Vincennes offers temporary exhibitions and cultural events which allow visitors to delve even further deeper into history. The visit to the ramparts also offers a panoramic view of the Bois de Vincennes, adding a natural dimension to this cultural experience.

Organize your visit Prices and timetables

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Full price entry: €9.50, entry is free for under-26s EU nationals and/or residents